Special Synthetic Rough

Rough Synthetic Specials

A nice selection of unique synthetics. YAG, GGG, Hydro Emerald, and Zincite.
This synthetic material is from Poland. This is some old stock that we purchased that is from the original source. It has a high dispersion with flashes of color the range of the spectrum. It is soft, about 4 Mohs, but is ideal for pendants and earrings.
Price: $0.00
Zincite - Yellow/Orange
SKU: 1001
Clean crystal 28mm x 9mm. 36 carats
Price: $73.00
Zincite, Yellow/Green
SKU: 1002
6mm x 25mm, 15 carats
Price: $31.00
Zincite, Red
SKU: 1003
Just a beautiful piece of red Zincite! 17mm x 43mm, 253 carats.
Price: $506.00
Zincite, Yellow/orange
SKU: 1004
9mm x 51mm, 68 carats
Price: $137.00
YAG - Yttrium Aluminum Garnet
A very high RI of 1.83 gives this man made material a burst of high intensity color unrivaled by other synthetics. Wears very well in jewelry with a Mohs hardness of 8.5. We made a great buy on some old stock so this will last. Once we are out, that's it!
Price: $0.00
Pink Yag
SKU: 01-350
Priced per carat.
Price: $0.50
Alexandrite Laser Gem
SKU: 01-542
Item is priced per carat. Average size of 150 carats.
Price: $0.12