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Saw Accessories and Lapidary Coolants

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CLAMPS. Rock clamps increase the versatility of any saw vise and let you produce slabs down to the last end. Helps to safely hold odd shaped or cut faces securely. Several models to chose from.

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A. Little Gripper - Sturdy parallel jaws sized to work well in trim saws and for smaller slab saws. 2 1/2 inch opening.

Item No. 13-049-60 not available at this time

B. Jerry's Rock Clamp - A larger version of the Little Gripper with two sizes of hold down grooves. The inexpensive way to hold larger pieces for slabbing. 5 inch opening.

Item No. 13-049-50 not available at this time


ROCK VISE.Excellent for securely holding rough or gemstones, permitting cutting and slicing very thin sections or precision cutting of precious material. Every cut is perfectly straight and blade damage is virtually eliminated. Measures 4" x 3" and has a two inch opening span. The jaw blocks are made from hardwood allowing a secure grip to the material without any damage. The cross feed is simple to adjust with precise alignment. Fits the 6" Trim Saw, Cab-Mate or Cab6.

Item No. 14-011 $21.95

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All lapidary blades require some sort of lubricant. While diamonds will cut/grind most anything, they do fracture at very high temperatures. The more surface area of the rock in contact with the blade the higher the temperatures generated. Hence the larger the diameter of the saw blade requires more lubricating. What we are doing here is reducing the friction between the saw blade and the rock. Friction generates the heat. Friction is bad!

Graves Company has tested over the years many lubricants of all types. The three we offer to you exhibit the best properties for the intended use. See our charts below for a comparison of characteristics and our recommendations. 

  Lubrication Clean Up Odor Rust Inhibitors
DiaCut # # # # # # # # # # ##
KoolKut # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

KEY -   # # # # Excellent             # # # Good             # # Fair             # Poor

Saw Diameter 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18+


DIA-CUT. Water Soluble Coolant. Recommended for use by faceters and cabbers, this popular water soluble lubricant and coolant was developed by Graves for lapidary cutting, grinding and sanding with diamond tools. Dia-cut contains a special mixture of rust and corrosion inhibitors, wetting and settling agents and a mild detergent for lubrication. This solution is used diluted with water (1 capful per pint) and will prevent premature wear and rust damage to all your nickel bonded, diamond tools. The 16 oz. bottle make 4 gallons of solution.

16 ounce Item No. 08-081 $7.75

1 gallon Item No. 08-081-1 $49.95

KoolKut. Coolant For Large Saw Blades. NEW FORMULA! Odorless and operator friendly. This highly refined, petroleum based, lubricant/coolant is used for heavy duty cutting. Recommended for saws over 10 inches in diameter, but may be used in any application where diamond tools require good lubrication. Use directly from container, no mixing required. Replaces Pella Oil.

1 gallon Item No. 13-122 $26.00

2 1/2 gallon Item No. 13-123 $62.50


DRESSING STICK. Rejuvenate Your Diamond Blade. This sharpener will freshen any diamond tool. To use just cut or drill into this very abrasive material to remove debris and metal to expose fresh diamonds. Stick measures 3/4" x 3/4" x 4" long.

Item No. 17-031 $3.75


LAPIDARY SPRAY PUMP. This easy to use pump system is designed to cool and lubricate diamond wheels and blades. The movable spray head is positioned under the wheel in a pan containing coolant. A seperate air pump aspirates coolant from the spray head (about 2-3 inches high) into the bottom of the wheel or blade. Requires between 1/4" and 1" of coolant in the water pan. Not for use on  horizontal machines. Unit is supplied complete with air pump, 4 foot power cord, spray head, and 1 1/2"of hose. 110 volt only. Not for use with oils!

Item No. 14-015 $30.50

Extra Spray Head Item No. 19-030 $22.50


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