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13-030.jpg (27518 bytes) GRAVES PERFORMER. Take the guess work out of shaping and sizing cabochons and faceted stones. Simply assemble the proper cam, turn the handwheel and the preformer will guide the grinding of the stone to the precise size and shape of the cam. Easily adapts to most grinding and faceting machines (only known exception is the Diamond Demon). To save time - stack up to four cabs together and preform all at the same time. The preformer, as supplied, includes a slide base plate with mounting bracket, two 1/4" dops, one dop handle and four of our most popular cams. Additional precision molded nylon cams are available as a package, see Item No. 13-031. For special sizes or shapes, machined metal or nylon cams can be made in your own workshop.The preformer is supplied with brackets to mount to the Cab-Mate or any machine with a vertical surface. For mounting on faceting machines or other grinding machines a special bracket may be required - see PREFORMER BRACKETS.

Item No. 13-030 Preformer Attachment $61.95


PREFORMER CAM SET. Includes standard size cams (not including the four supplied with the Preformer). Included are 5 ovals, 2 hearts, 1 marquise and 3 tri-polar shapes. Made of precision molded tough nylon, these cams fit easily on the Preformer.

Item No. 13-031 Preformer Cam Set $15.95


PREFORMER DRIVE MOTOR. Automate Your Preformer. Save precious time and eliminate noncreative work with this motor. The geared motor attaches directly to the preformer spindle and provides for constant turning of the gemstone until the desired shape and size is obtained. Operates on 115 volt AC only.

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Preformer with Drivemotor and Preformer Bracket mounted on faceting machine Preformer with Drivemotor mounted on CabMate

Item No. 13-032 Preformer Drivemotor $71.95


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PERFORMER BRACKET. Mount the Preformer on Facet Machine or Other Grinders. A special L shaped bracket, made from sturdy aluminum, designed to attach to any horizontal surface such as the base plate of a faceting machine or bottom of most grinding machines. Mounting the preformer to this bracket assures the maximum versatility in positioning the Preformer spindle.

Item No. 13-033 Preformer Bracket $15.50


PREFORMER PACKAGE. Save 10% With Our Complete Package. Included is the Preformer Attachment, the Preformer Drivemotor, the Cam Set, plus the Preformer Bracket for most faceting machines and other grinders.

Item No. 13-036 Preformer Package $146.95



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