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BATT LAP. A good, solid cast tin alloy pre-polishing and polishing lap. This hard alloy allows the casting to be rigid enough to serve as a solid lap, rather than the two part tin/aluminum backing. It has proven to be a very popular general purpose polishing lap. 8 inch and 6 inch.

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Item No. 16-248    8 inch $132.00

Item No. 16-249    6 inch $82.00



The DARKSIDE is a lightweight lap, made of the specially developed material coated onto an aluminum baseplate, then machined both sides for flatness. For its thickness it is surprisingly rigid. The lap quickly breaks in on the first stone, without the charging process needed for metal laps, making it user-friendly for beginners. A terrific new addition to the gemcutters polishing arsenal. It may very well be the only polishing lap you need! 8 inch diameter only.

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Item No. 16-250 $85.00


Got a new machine? Need to replace your laps? Check out these lap packages at super savings!

BEGINNER PACKAGE includes the following:

8 inch 180 mesh Topcutter


8 inch 600 mesh Standard Lap


8 inch Zinc Lap with 8000 mesh DiaStik


8 inch Plastic Lap


UltraLap Kit - Cerium, Aluminum, Chrome Oxide


$287.00               Save $33.00 Plus FREE SHIPPING

ADVANCED POLISHING SYSTEM includes the following:

8 inch Zinc Lap with 8000 mesh DiaStik


8 inch BATT Lap with 60000 mesh DiaStik


8 inch Darkside Lap with a set chrome, cerium, and aluminum oxide BattStiks.


$399.00               Save $28.00 Plus FREE SHIPPING

Free Shipping to the United States address only


PHENOLIC LAP. These phenolic laps are used to polish stones by charging with diamond or conventional polishing agents. The tough Phenolic disc is cemented on a 3/8" thick aluminum base plate for added stability. 1/2" arbor hole.

6 inch Phenolic Lap Item No. 16-213 $66.63

8 Inch Phenolic Lap Item No. 16-239 $89.18

TIN LAP. For Polishing With Diamond. An 1/8 inch thick layer of fine grained, rolled tin is bonded to an aluminum Master Lap and turned true. This lap will not develop an orange peel surface common with some other tin laps. 1/2" arbor hole.

6 inch Tin Lap Item No. 16-218 $213.20

8 inch Tin Lap Item No. 16-243 $310.58

COPPER LAP. Make Your Own Grinding Or Sanding Laps. The lap is made with a pure copper disc set on a master lap. The lap can easily be charged with diamond powder using a recharge roller. Excellent for use with 3,000 or 8,000 grit diamond to give a fine pre-polish. 1/2" arbor hole.

6 inch Copper Lap Item No. 16-214 $58.75

8 inch Copper Lap Item No. 16-240 $75.65

LAST LAP. Polish With Diamonds. This lap has a powdered metal surface that is bonded into an epoxy matrix and set on a cast master lap. The hard surface produced by this technique resists grooving and gouging. Furnished with 50,000 grit slurry, 1/2" arbor hole.

6 inch Last Lap Item No. 16-219 $139.40

8 inch Last Lap Item No. 16-244 $161.95

ZINC LAP. Cast Zinc Alloy. This lap is best used for pre-polishing using 3000 to 8000 mesh diamond powder or the BattStick .  1/2" arbor hole.


6 Inch Zinc Lap Item No. 16-258 $65.00
8 Inch Zinc Lap Item No. 16-256 $85.00

PLASTIC LAP. Use As A Support For Ultralaps, Diafilm Or Score For Use With Oxide Polishing Powder. These clear acrylic discs can be scored for use with polishing agents such as Cerium or Aluminum Oxide; or they can be used as backing discs for Ultralaps. 1/2" arbor hole.

6 inch Plastic Lap 1/4 in. thickness Item No. 16-208 $10.50

1/2 in. thickness Item No. 16-209 $21.50

8 inch Plastic Lap 1/4 in. thickness Item No. 16-236 13.00

1/2 in. thickness Item No. 16-237 $25.00



LAP CASE. Eliminate problems with storage space, contamination, and surface damage. These plastic cases give total protection and will stack securely. There is even an area on the edge to label the contents! Can be used for both 6 inch and 8 inch laps

Item No. 16-999

$6.95 ea.

6 or more $5.00 each



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