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Graves Company carries a complete line of polishing powders for all types of lapidary materials.

PREMIUM DIAMOND POWDER. The Finest Available. No need to pay a premium for premium powder! Diamond abrasive in this form is the most preferred and economical for polishing and grinding gemstones. Each vial contains 100% pure synthetic, sharp, block diamond particles that keep their shape to provide superior finishes fast. Our powder is micro-graded here in the USA and is the absolute best available. Always was and always will be. Stop wondering where that big scratch came from. The powder can be used with extender fluid to charge copper, lead, tin, lead-tin and phenolic laps and spools.

5 Carat Size

Grit Sizes


100 thru 8,000


14,000 thru 100,000


100 Carat Size

Grit Sizes



100 thru 100,000 Grit


WEB SALE!! Reg. $67.00

DIAMOND SPRAY. The Professional’s Choice. This convenient form of applying diamonds for polishing is now available in a new formulation. Our special formulation features eextended shelf life and better lubricating properties than alcohol based sprays make this the best available. With a non aerosol spray for applying a fine mist, micro-graded synthetic diamonds provide the best quality and value for polishing. Each bottle is color coded and clearly labeled with grit size for easy identification. 2 oz. non-aerosol spray.




Item No.


































K7 FALCON DIAMOND SPRAY. Our formulation developed by Graves for the Graves Falcon Ceramic Lap. Ultra-pure carrier with synthetic diamonds are combined in a high silicone base to provide the ultimate in silky smooth polishing with brilliant finishes. Exceptional on other polishing laps that normally utilize conventional diamond spray. 2 oz. non-aerosol spray.


PREMIUM DIAMOND COMPOUND. The Easy Way To Apply Measured Amounts Of Diamond. The diamond particles are interspersed in a grease-like, base carrier fluid filled in a syringe. Thin with extender fluid and apply to the polishing surface. Each syringe contains 20% more diamonds then the other standard lapidary brands.

1 gram coarse grits


1 gram fine grits


2 gram coarse grits


2 gram fine grits


5 gram coarse grits


5 gram fine grits


DIAMOND COMPOUND KITS. Save up to 20% by purchasing these prepackaged compound kits that contain our most popular assortments of grits. Each kit contains a syringe of 325, 1200, and 50,000 grit.

1 Gram Kit


2 Gram Kit


5 Gram Kit


SPOOL KIT. 2 Grams Each of 14,000 and 50,000 Grit and 1 Gram Each of 320, 600, 1,200 and 8,000 Grit plus 2 oz. of extender fluid.

Item No. 18-990


DIA-LUBE 20. Better Polishing With Less Scratching. A quality lubricant selected specifically for improving the pre-polishing and polishing action of Diamond Grit. Can be used as an extender for any of the Diamond powders, compounds or sprays. DIA-LUBE 20 is a non-flammable, non-toxic lubricant that will not evaporate. Supplied in 2 oz. plastic bottles with spray pump.

Item No. 18-176


EXTENDER FLUID. A special compound developed by Graves and used to thin, lubricate and dissipate any diamond compound or powder. Will not harm laps or polishing spools. Also used to enhance any of the Tumble-Dry media when they become dry and dusty. Order the reusable 2 oz. squeeze bottle or the giant 16 oz. refill bottle.

2 ounce bottle

Item No. 18-170


16 ounce refill

Item No. 18-171


LINDE A. The REAL STUFF from Union Carbide! This is our best and purest grade of Aluminum Oxide. The uniform size and shape of the particles make this an excellent polishing compound for faceting. Mix with water to form a slurry. A superb polishing agent for natural gems such as andalusite, apatite, beryl, feldspar, fluorite, garnets, opal, peridot, quartz, spinel, topaz, tourmaline and zircon. 0.3 micron.

1 ounce jar

Item No. 18-405


1 lb. box

Item No. 18-404


LINDE B. The REAL STUFF from Union Carbide! A superb polishing grade of Aluminum Oxide for softer stones. Use on a tin or lead-tin polishing lap at slow speed for best results. Mix with water to form slurry. 0.05 micron.

1 ounce jar

Item No. 18-406


1 lb. box

Item No. 18-407


CERIUM OXIDE. New Lower Price! Developed specifically for polishing softer gems such as quartz and beryl. Extremely accurate control of the particle size gives a bright, clear finish to soft stones in a very short time. Mixed with water this compound is generally used on phenolic, plastic laps, or lead/tin laps.

4 ounce jar

Item No. 18-401


1 lb. box

Item No. 18-401-1


5 lb. box

Item No. 18-401-5


10 lb. box

Item No. 18-401-10



SUPER CERIUM OXIDE. Ultra Pure White! While both our cerium powders are optical grade, some prefer the white cerium. Developed specifically for polishing softer gems such as quartz and beryl. Extremely accurate control of the particle size gives a bright, clear finish to soft stones in a very short time. Mixed with water this compound is generally used on phenolic, plastic laps, or tin alloy laps such as our BATT Lap. Great on cabs with a traditional felt pad or our PolyPad.

4 ounce jar

Item No. 18-421


1 lb. box

Item No. 18-407



TIN OXIDE. The old time favorite for polishing gemstones. Mix with water and use as a slurry.

4 ounce jar

Item No. 18-408


1 lb. box

Item No. 15-115


5 lb. box

Item No. 15-116



ALUMINA G. This is a must for all rock polishing operations. A special Graves polishing agent that produces quality, polished surfaces on rocks and slabs in all lapping and tumbling operations. It is a clean, non-staining, fast acting and inexpensive way to achieve beautifully polished surfaces.


Item No.




1 lb.



5 lbs.


LUSTERITE POLISH. Many problems with polishing cabs or tumbled stones can be traced to the pre-polishing step. This fine pulverized compound is a crystalline formation at about 10,000 mesh. Use this compound before your final polish and the results will be stunning. Works extremely well in sphere making. 1 lb. package.

Item No. 15-118 1 lb. $6.95

CHROME OXIDE. A favorite for jade and other colored gemstones.

Item No. 18-409 1 lb. $31.75

ZAM. An excellent polish for softer gemstones such as turquoise. Apply to a buffing wheel, felt disc, or leather disc. Available in 1/4 lb. and 1 lb. bars.

Item No. 18-1909 1/4 lb. $7.05

Item No. 18-190 1 lb. $14.40



BattStick POLISHING STICK. A neat, clean way to apply oxide polish or diamond to the BATT LAP, DARKSIDE, and many other polishing laps you apply oxide or diamond to. Use just like a crayon, lightly rub the BattStick across your lap, use a slow water drip and polish away.

Item No. 18-410 chrome oxide $20.00

Item No. 18-412 cerium oxide $15.00

Item No. 18-414 aluminum oxide $15.00

Item No. 18-416 3000 mesh diamond $30.00

Item No. 18-420 8000 mesh diamond $30.00

Item No. 18-418 60000 mesh diamond $28.00



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