CZ - Cubic Zirconia

Our CZ is selected for its quality and consistency in color from lot to lot. Made right here in the USA, the high refractive index of cubic zirconia of 2.20 rivals that of diamond (2.41). It is a tough stone that is hard and durable. Great for everyday jewelry.
Color Change CZ
SKU: 01-300
We have a special selection of new color change cubic zirconia that is so unique we purchased the entire inventory. Most will never be produced again. There is a very limited supply but a variety of colors that is unmatched! Please enter the number of carats or number of pieces in the shopping cart after you make your selection. Price is per carat.
Price: $0.15 Color Change
Cubic Zirconia Rough
Finest available material from virgin 1st run stock. Sizes range from 90-200 carats so enter your size requirement in the quantity field of the order page.
Price: $0.06