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FACET CUTTERS HANDBOOK. Soukop. Here’s what the author says... “I took it upon myself to write a book that would help beginners in our club faceting class.”  This book contains everything one needs to know in order to expertly facet a gemstone.  22 beautiful cuts.   64 pages.

Item No. 22-009           $6.00


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INTRODUCTION TO MEETPOINT FACETING.  Long and Steele.  A must for the beginning student.  Authors carefully detail the concept of meetpoint faceting by taking the beginner through a standard round cut.  Instructions continue through the oval, marquise, pear and emerald.  A prerequisite to the Design Books listed below.  100 pages.

Item No. 22-010                $13.95



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FACET DESIGN.  Long and Steele.  A very popular series of six volumes which detail the faceting of fancy shapes: Oval, Pear, Navette/Marquise, Hearts, Emeralds, Rounds and Barions.   Using a computer, the authors have developed exact cutting instructions to 1/10 of a degree which enables the beginning facetors to successfully cut these the fancy shapes using the meetpoint technique.  Each volume contains more than 20 detailed designs with 3-view scale drawings.       $11.95 each


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Item No. 22-016                                               $75.29



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FACETING FOR AMATEURS.  Vargas.  122 illustrations, 24 tables and 19 basic cutting diagrams. Describes more than 185 facetable materials giving cutting and polishing data for each.  There are special chapters on buying, sorting and preparing gem rough for faceting.   330 pages, hardcover.

Item No. 22-022                              $40.00




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DIAGRAMS FOR FACETING VOL. I.  Vargas.  A compilation of over 160 gem cuts starting with the simple cuts for beginners, the most popular cuts for the experienced faceter and a section devoted to unusual shapes.  184 pages, hardcover.


DIAGRAMS FOR FACETING VOL. II.  Vargas.  Over 150 gem cuts are included in this book.  Some complex cutting diagrams are included for very unusual and unique shapes.  Prepared for the advanced amateur.  151 pages, hardcover.


DIAGRAMS FOR FACETING VOL. III.  Vargas.  Over 130 new and unusual cuts.  Some of the cuts are easy to perform yet produce spectacular looking gems, others are complex cuts that will challenge even the advanced faceter.  Many of the diagrams were contributed by faceters from Australia, Canada, South Africa, France as well as the United States.  149 pages, Hardcover.

$35.00 each             


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Fundamental Faceting.   An excellent primary and instruction manual for anyone interested in faceting.  Profusely illustrated and written for the beginner who has little or no knowledge of the subject.  Required reading for anyone who thinks they might like to try faceting or is shopping for a faceting machine. 32 pages.


Item No. 22-090                              $8.95



DVD - Faceting Basics. This DVD will take from literally opening the box on a new Graves Mark IV faceting machine to a polished stone! Great for beginners and for club presentations.

Item No. 22-905                                                                      $29.95



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