Spool Polisher

Spool Polisher


This low cost sander and polisher will finish opals, turquoise, and other softer gemstones. It is also an excellent machine for the final polish of hard stones such as agates and star sapphires.

Convenient and Quick. No wheels to change.

Quiet Operation. Rubber mounted and Perfectly Balanced.

Dependable. Guaranteed for a Full Year - Parts and Labor!

Clean. There's is no need for a water coolant.

Small and Lightweight. Measures 13 in. x 9 in. Weighs only 8 1/4 pounds.

Generates No Heat. Perfect for Opal, Turquoise and other delicate stones.

The spool is made from a phenolic resin, exclusive to the Graves machine, and will not warp, crack, or chip. It dopes not generate heat making it perfect for polishing softer gemstones. The spool is manufactured to accept 6 different grades of diamond compound an designed so you can polish either flat or curved surfaces.

To use the Spool Polisher just take a dopped cabochon that has been ground on at least a 220 grit grinding wheel and apply a dab of 325 grit compound to the first section of the spool. Work the stone into this 2 inch section of the revolving spool. The gem is then wiped clean and 600 grit compound is applied too the adjacent section. The process is repeated (with an occasional drop of extender fluid) until all six steps have been completed. It only takes a few minutes and after several cabs have been completed, the spool will become charged and only an occasional drop of extender fluid will be needed to re-charge the unit.

Complete unit includes: 1 gram each of 325, 600, 1200, and 8000 grit diamond compound 2 grams each of 14000 and 50000 grit compound 2 ounces of Extender Fluid Basic Spool Polisher with motor

Spool Polisher Complete
SKU: 13-051
Spool Polisher complete with diamond compound
Price: $329.95
Spool Polisher Only
SKU: 13-050
Basic Spool Polisher without diamond compound
Price: $318.95
Spool Compound Kit
SKU: 18-990
2 Grams Each of 14,000 and 50,000 Grit and 1 Gram Each of 320, 600, 1,200 and 8,000 Grit plus 2 oz. of extender fluid.
Price: $32.95
Spool Polisher Drive Belt
SKU: 19-203
Urethane rubber drive belt for spool polisher. Will also fit some older machines from other manufacturers.
Price: $4.95