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Binocular headband magnifier provides hands-free magnification and viewing for a variety of applications such as jewelry-making, watch-making, needlework, artwork, electronic inspection, book-reading, print inspection, and stamp-collecting Includes 4 lenses in multiple dioptric strengths that provide a specific magnification power (X), depending on the distance from the object Optical glass lenses are ground and polished into prismatic lenses for quality and clarity; easier to clean than acrylic lenses .A dioptric number and a magnification number are not the same thing. Diopter strength represents a specific magnification power (X). For example, a 5-diopter provides 2.5X magnification (at a distance of 8"). Can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses. Includes #2, 3, 5, 7 diopter lenses.
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Ruby Red Corundum
250 carat lot Swiss made synthetic red ruby
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Slant Cabber, 6 inch
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Our American-made Slant Cabber lap machine is a uniquely-angled, flat lap machine. Grind flats, rework quartz crystals or make millimeter and free-form cabochons out of stones with this easy-to-use machine. Itís also well-suited for cutting, shaping and polishing glass. The unique, angled design provides improved visibility and allows you to sit while you work instead of standing. FREE SHIPPING IN CONTINENTAL USA!

Accessory kit includes

180# electroplated diamond disc pre-bound to an acrylic backing plate

325# brown diamond smoothing disc

600# red diamond smoothing disc

1,200# blue diamond smoothing disc

Tech-10 polishing pad

2-gram 14,000# diamond paste syringe

Four acrylic backing plates

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