Lapidary Saw Blades

Graves Company has the most complete line of diamond blades available for both the hobbyist and professional trade.

Extensive testing and field use has gone into our selection of blades for cutting rocks, minerals, gemstones, glass and laboratory specimens. The wide range of sizes in plated, notched rim and continuous rim styles ensures that you will find the perfect blade for your application.

MK 303 Professional Series Diamond Blades
The MK 303 series diamond blade is a premium quality, with the highest concentration of diamond. The MK-303 Professional™ produces smoother cuts and is used for cutting rare and valuable materials when waste must be held to a minimum and speed of cut is essential. The Professional series diamond blades last longer and will cut faster than ordinary notched-rim or plated-diamond blades. Made in the U.S.A.
IJS Diamond Edition Blade
Made is the USA. Thinnest cutting blade available! Made with the strongest spring steel along with a super tough nickel alloy bond at a maximum diamond concentration. You get less waste of valuable gem material which means big savings. Think of the number of carats being cut away by your standard diamond blade! Doesn't take long to realize that thinner cuts means saving money. Please specify blade thickness and arbor size when ordering.
Black Blazer Diamond Blades
These are the best high performance, continuous rim blades available today. A deeper kerf depth and higher diamond concentration give our Blazer series of diamond blades a decided edge over the competition. The Black Blazer series features a diamond rich formulation and is used where better overall economy resulting from maximum cutting life and high performance is required.
Graves Economy Diamond Blades
Our Economy Diamond Blades are imported from China. These are notched rim blades that have the diamond bond inside these notches. These are the original thin kerf blades.