Mark 5XL Faceting Machine

Mark 5XL Faceting Machine

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Graves Company is proud to introduce the Mark 5XL Faceting Machine featuring our digital angle display meter. This revolutionary design allows users to truly "cut to the numbers" utilizing a simple digital display that is stable, repeatable, and accurate.

The new Graves Mark 5XL faceting head features simplicity in design, ease of use, and state of the art precision that is beyond anything on the market today. This design has been extensively field tested by actual faceters, both amateur and professional.

The Mark 5XL faceting head features an electronic angle scale that is repeatable to better than .02 degrees, calibrated 0-90 degrees to 2 arc-minutes (+/-.03 degrees). Precision laboratory grade electronics are used throughout the design all housed in solid CNC machined aluminum. In cutting tests, it has approximately ten times the sensitivity of an LED "Down Light", and allows cutting "To the Numbers". This method of faceting allows you set your angle, index setting and depth, then simply let the easy to read digital display tell you when to stop cutting. A little practice and you will be amazed at how easy and fast you can finish a beautiful faceted gemstone.

A inch case hardened stainless steel mast provides rigidity to avoid over cutting due to mast defection. The coarse height adjustment collar will not drop when loosened and provides a fast setting. The fine height adjustment is a 1 inch micrometer head with .001" increment marking.

A solid aluminum quill and main housing with precision ball bearings to support the quill and angle shaft, and a durable e-coat finish complete the design. A 9 volt battery powers the electronics providing up to 250 hours of cutting time. No wires or power supplies to get in the way.

We are proud of this new addition to our product line. Graves Company continues to be the leader in providing durable, innovative, and affordable tools to the lapidary arts.

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Mark 5XL Faceting Machine Base
Mark 5XL Digital Faceting Head
96 Tooth Index Plate
Transfer Fixture
Table Dop
Standard 14 piece Dop Set
Our faceting instructional book "Fundamental Faceting"
Drip Tank and Work Lamp
Mark 5XL Faceting Machine
SKU: 02-500
Please allow 4-5 weeks delivery.
Price: $1,795.00 Select your mast orientation, right hand or left hand
Mark 5XL Faceting Machine, EXPORT
SKU: 02-520
This machine is built with 220 volt 50hz electronics for use outside of North America. Please allow 4-5 week delivery.
Price: $1,895.00 Select your mast orientation
Mark 5XL Digital Faceting Head and Mast - Left Hand
SKU: 02-960
Price: $1,195.00
Mark 5XL Digital Faceting Head and Mast - Right Hand
SKU: 02-950
For machines with a right handed mast orientation
Price: $1,195.00
Better Lap Package
SKU: 16-260
VERSATILE LAP SYSTEM This package includes the general purpose and long lasting Darkside polishing lap which is great for all oxide type polishes. Simply wash of the old polsish and apply new! The package includes:

260 mesh Topcutter diamond disc

600 mesh Standard diamond lap

1200 mesh Standard diamond lap

Darkside polishing lap with cerium and aluminum oxide Battstiks.

Price: $475.00
On Sale! $369.00
Advanced Lap Package
SKU: 16-261
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY TOOLS FOR PROFESSIONAL RESULTS. Cut and polish practically every gemstone with award winning results with this package. Includes:

260 mesh Topcutter diamond disc

600 mesh Standard diamond lap

Zinc pre-polishing lap with 8K DiaStik

BATT Lap with 60K DiaStik

Darkside Lap with a 3 stick pack of cerium, aluminum, and chromium Battstiks.

Price: $679.00
On Sale! $575.00

Mark 5XL Digital Faceting Head and Mast. The Mark 5XL digital faceting head can also fit other makes of faceting machine bases with a "right hand" orientation (as pictured above). A version of the Mark 5XL digital faceting head for older Graves Mark 4 and Mark 1 bases is also available allowing you to upgrade your existing Graves machine.

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