Lap Packages

Lap Packages

We have put together a couple of lap packages to get you started with a new machines or as an economical alternative to replacing your current inventory.
Starter Lap Package
SKU: 16-264
8 inch STARTER PACKAGE. All you need to cut and polish most gemstones. Includes the following:

260 mesh diamond Topcutter for coarse grinding/shaping

600 mesh Standard diamond lap for fine cutting

1200 mesh Standard diamond pre-polishing lap

Plastic master lap

Cerium oxide UltraLap polishing film

Aluminum oxide UltraLap polishing film

Chromium oxide UltraLap polishing film

Price: $141.95
Better Lap Package
SKU: 16-260
VERSATILE LAP SYSTEM This package includes the general purpose and long lasting Darkside polishing lap which is great for all oxide type polishes. Simply wash of the old polsish and apply new! The package includes:

260 mesh Topcutter diamond disc

600 mesh Standard diamond lap

1200 mesh Standard diamond lap

Darkside polishing lap with cerium and aluminum oxide Battstiks.

Price: $289.00
Advanced Lap Package
SKU: 16-261
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY TOOLS FOR PROFESSIONAL RESULTS. Cut and polish practically every gemstone with award winning results with this package. Includes:

260 mesh Topcutter diamond disc

600 mesh Standard diamond lap

Zinc pre-polishing lap with 8K DiaStik

BATT Lap with 60K DiaStik

Darkside Lap with a 3 stick pack of cerium, aluminum, and chromium Battstiks.

Price: $549.00
Lap Case
Eliminate problems with storage space, contamination, and surface damage. These plastic cases give total protection and will stack securely. There is even an area on the edge to label the contents! Can be used for both 6 inch and 8 inch laps