Diamond Tools

Diamond Tools

Here you will find our selection diamond abrasive tools.
Diamond Drills
These metal bonded diamond drills are made with a music wire shank that stays straight even when flexed. Used to drill holes in glass, ceramics or rocks.Great for cleaning out bead holes! Recommended speed range is between 5,000 and 20,000 RPM. Used submerged in Dia-Cut or Kool Kut and operate with a pecking motion to avoid overheating of the drill bit. Can also be used with a pin vise for bead cleaning dry. Available in 3/4mm, 1mm, 1 1/4mm, 1 1/2mm, 2mm, and 2 1/2mm.
Tripple Ripple Drills by Crystalite
Over twice the life and cutting rate of most diamond drills. This music wire diamond drill has three flutes to allow cuttings to flush away and decrease frontal contact and drag. The drill is alive after the edges wear, as fresh diamond in the flutes maintain cutting action. Out performs any sintered diamond drill. Available in 3/4mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm, and 2.1mm
Tripple Ripple Drill Assortment
SKU: 11-011
This duo pack contains three each of 1.1mm and 1.4mm diameter Tripple Ripple drills
Price: $32.00
Diamond Twist Drills
SKU: 11-042x
Drill Stone, Ceramic Or Glass. Twist drills electroplated on the tips with diamond grit provide a unique method of effectively cooling and removing debris from the drill hole. Available in 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.7mm, 2mm.
Price: $3.95 Select Size
MM Core Drills
Efficient Drilling Of Gemstone, Glass, Ceramic Or Tile. Diamond coated core drills with side opening to improve effectiveness of coolant flow thru. Stainless steel drills with medium coarse diamond and nickel plating for bonding. Shank 3 mm.
Core Drills.jpg
Diamond Core Drills
Made by Crystalite in the USA. A tubular steel cylinder with metal bonded diamond on the saw teeth. Cut holes in rock slabs, glass or ceramics. Use at low speed in a drill press with a pecking motion and flood workpiece with Dia-Cut or Kool Kut for maximum life. Inside diameter is 0.08" less than the outside diameter.SAVE 25%
Mini-Flex Kit
SKU: 12-110

Excellent kit for sanding and polishing small pieces using diamond compound and oxide powders.


· Four 1/2" Flexodisc™ brand discs

· Four 1" Flexodisc™ brand discs

· Four 1-1/2" Flexodisc™ brand discs

· Four 1/2" Polypad™ brand pads

· Four 1" Polypad™ brand pads

· Four 1-1/2" Polypad™ brand pads

· Four 1/2" Pre-Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads

· Four 1" Pre-Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads

· Four 1-1/2" Pre-Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads

· Twelve 1/2" Final Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads

· Twelve 1" Final Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads

· Twelve 1-1/2" Final Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads

Price: $66.30
Phenolic Carving Points
These are used for sanding and polishing carved pieces that have been roughed out with standrad diamond carving points. You would apply diamonf compound and lubricate with extender fluid to sand and polish your carving. Available in several shapes.
Diamond Wire, standard
SKU: 18-001
This blades are made from a single strand of 5" long piano wire that has nickel bonded, coarse diamonds encrusted along its length. The best tool for cutting intricate shapes from rock slabs or glass. Use with Jewelers Saw Frames.
Price: $34.00
Diamond Wire, barbed
SKU: 18-002
The barbed diamond wire cuts faster and with less effort than the standard diamond wire blades. Made with double strands of piano wire that contains a heavy coating of coarse, nickel bonded diamond. Sold in 5 inch lengths.
Price: $31.75
Standard Diamond Wire Kit
SKU: 18-003
This Round Wire Saw Kit includes one wire saw and one frame.
Price: $49.50
Barbed Diamond Wire Kit
SKU: 18-004
This Barbed Wire Saw Kit includes one wire saw and one frame.
Price: $49.50