Caberet 6 inch Lapidary Grinder Polisher


The Caberet 6″ cabbing machine has everything you need to grind and polish rocks to create cabochons for necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewelry pieces. This cabbing machine is also excellent for polishing glass, synthetic material and metals. Whether you’re a beginner, lapidary hobbyist or jewelry making pro, the Caberet 6″ cabbing machine is easy to use for every skill level.

The Caberet 6″ cabbing machine features 6″ diameter diamond wheels that complete the entire rough-to-polish process. With features such as our simplified drainage set-up, 1/4 hp variable drive motor and clean, adjustable water system, it’s no wonder Caberet are favored over other cabbing units.

This machine comes shipped with everything you need to start cabbing.


• Two 6″ electroplated diamond grinding wheels: 100# and 360#

• Four 6″ diamond resin wheels: 280#, 600#, 1200# and 14000#

• One 6″ canvas polishing pad for use on the right shaft

• Removable stone trays and splash guards

• Complete accessory kit: safety goggles, waterproof apron, extra wheel spacers and “How to Use Diamond Abrasives to Cut Gemstones” informational book.

• One-year manufacturer warranty

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Caberet Flexwheel Package
SKU: 13-224
100 grit metal bond diamond wheel, 360 grit metal bond diamond wheel, 260 grit FlexWheel, 600 grit FlexWheel, 1200 grit FlexWheel, 14000 grit FlexWheel, and a 5½ inch Quick Disc with uncharged polishing pad
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